Benzene contamination in sun-care products is a significant health and safety concern. A list of products that have tested positive for benzene contamination can be found here. Individuals should review the Valisure findings and immediately stop using any products found to contain benzene. But many products tested by Valisure found no contamination and are presumably safe. A list of those products can be found here.

Sunscreen is only one component of a skin-cancer prevention regimen, which also includes wearing protective clothing, sunglasses and a hat that provides shade to the whole head. Experts also advise seeking shade, when possible, during peak sunlight.

You can also read the entire report and testing methodology here.

It is critical that regulatory agencies address benzene contamination in sunscreens, and all topical medications at the manufacturing and final product level, so that all individuals feel safe using sunscreen products.
Dr. Christopher Bunick, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Dermatology at Yale University